It’s on, y’all! Former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron exclusively divulged to Life & Style that he would happily moderate the brewing feud between fellow Bachelor Nation alums Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay. The two have had animosity growing between them on social media and the former leading man on The Bachelor even invited the Dallas native to hash things out on her podcast.

Tyler was not shy about volunteering to help the two reality stars sort out their disagreement. “If they need a judge, I’m there to judge it!” the 26-year-old offered during the Hudson River Park Annual Gala, while adding that he was “the ACC debate champion in college.” Some people would shy away from the drama, but the aspiring male model confidently echoed, “I would judge the feud!”

'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron 'Would Judge the Feud' Between Colton Underwood and Rachel Lindsay
Ron Adar/SOPA Images/Shutterstock

The beef between Colton, 27, and Rachel, 34, publicly started after the lawyer admitted to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she and Raven Gates would “never” be friends again. “Shocker. Rachel mad at another person … does she like anyone?” the former football player commented on an Instagram post about her statements.

Colton then clarified his comment and further explained that his issues with the reality babe go deeper than her recent falling out. “I’m not weighing in on the Rachel/Raven drama. I could care less about that, not my business,” he wrote on a separate Instagram post. “What is my business is the countless number of times she’s spoke [sic] poorly of me … including that time she ran her mouth about me to Cassie [Randolph] … Funny thing is I have never met her.”

He didn’t go into detail about what specific incident he was referring to, and Rachel divulged that she wasn’t too sure either. “I’m so confused as to why he thinks I ran my mouth,” she said during an appearance on the YouTube show Whit & Ry on October 16. “It’s so petty to me. As much as I wanted to go at him in the comments section, I just thought, ‘You know what? Excuse me. I need to go interview Oprah Winfrey.’ That was literally my mindset. I don’t have time for this.”

Colton then made an offer to sit down face-to-face with the former leading lady to hash out their differences. “I’ll come on your podcast, Rachel. One condition: Ask your producer to leave it raw, unedited and untouched. Looking forward to meeting you & pointing out your hypocrisy over the last year,” he wrote on Twitter.

Time will tell how the drama unfolds between Colton and Rachel. Luckily, Tyler is always available to moderate.