After his stint on The Bachelorette, runner-up Tyler Cameron didn’t know “what the f–k” he was doing. At least, according to friend Jason Tartick.

The “Trading Secrets” podcast host, 34, sat down with the male model, 30, on the show’s Monday, March 13, episode and reflected on what life was like for Tyler following Hannah Brown‘s season of the ABC series — including dating A-list supermodel Gigi Hadid.

“He goes to me, ‘Dude, I don’t know what the f–k I’m doing. I got $5,000 in my bank account, I don’t know what my next job is, and I’m dating Gigi Hadid,'” Jason recalled on the show. Tyler was quick to clarify that he only “had like $200” during those early days of fame.

“I’d be going on dates — like this is in my early days of living in New York City. I’m living on Matt [James]‘ beanbag,” Tyler added. “Have no money, but I’m like the happiest I’ve ever been because like the world is wide open to me in New York City. I can do whatever I want.”

However, when it came to dating a world-famous model in the Big Apple, it posed for some issues.

“I’d be going on dates, I’m like calling pops up in the bathroom,” Tyler said of his father, Jeff Cameron. “I’m like, ‘Pops, I don’t think my credit card’s gonna go through. I need you to send me some money right now.’ And he’s like, ‘You got it, son, go get it.'”

Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid Bachelor and Bachelorette Stars Who Dated Celebrities
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Jason wondered how Tyler was “managing” his dates with Gigi when “you only have $200 to your name.”

The ABC Food Tours founder explained, “You’re just crossing your fingers at this point.”

Tyler and Gigi first made headlines when the former Bachelor Nation member was photographed out with the model in August 2019. Things appeared to move fast following the first outing since he joined Gigi and her family to the Netherlands after her grandma Ans van den Herik died at age 78 in September 2019.

“Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people, she’s an amazing person and we’re just keeping it friendly,” Tyler told Entertainment Tonight at the time, playing coy. “I’m at the point where I don’t really want to talk about my relationships. I’ve dated publicly, so … I’m trying to date privately and I’m not in love with anybody right now.”

While they were hot and heavy for a few months but by October 2019, things eventually fizzled out between them.

“Tyler is single,” a source confirmed to Life & Style at the time. “He and Gigi Hadid are no longer together.”