There was no shortage of drama during Season 6 of Bravo’s hit reality TV series Vanderpump Rules, so of course emotions will be running high during the three-part reunion special. Judging by a preview for the Vanderpump Rules reunion, lots of tears will be shed and it will be a particularly difficult reunion for Jax Taylor and Scheana Marie. Keep reading below to find out what to expect from the upcoming three-part reunion!

Jax’s cheating scandal

Jax had a whole mess going on in his storyline this season, so of course he was bracing himself for what would happen once he sat down on the stage with the rest of his co-stars. “Expect the worst, hope for the best,” he revealed to the cameras backstage.

Of course, fans will get to watch Jax and his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright discuss the fall out of his cheating scandal where he allegedly got another woman pregnant. Even though the pregnancy rumors turned out to be false, Brittany was still hurt. “I already had to deal with being cheated on in front of the whole world,” Brittany said, wiping away tears and Jax admitted, “I f–ked up.”

The death of Jax’s father

Jax made everyone on the stage — including host Andy Cohen — cry as he broke down about his father’s death. While the entire cast was there to support Jax through that difficult time, he said that his girlfriend Brittany was person he leaned on the most and she was the one who was there with him when he got the sad news.

“We were actually on the way to dinner and I had the phone plugged in and my mom’s on the phone screaming, ‘Your father’s dead,'” Jax said, choking back tears. “And then I stopped the car and just collapsed, and [Brittany] took over. Ever since then, I can’t imagine myself without her.”

Scheana Marie’s split from Rob

Jax isn’t the only person who broke down in tears on the stage. Scheana went through a hard breakup from her on-again, off-again boyfriend Rob Valletta off-camera. Andy asked her to explain the reason for their split, and she said it was because of her involvement in the show and the drama that comes with it.

“It was about two weeks after we wrapped,” Scheana explained, holding back tears. “And that’s were I [thought], ‘Is this like a calculated move? Like did you just stay with me to finish filming the show because you didn’t want me to have to have a storyline of another breakup and deal with that? Okay, thank you I think?'”