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Uncover Juicy Secrets Producers Won’t Tell You About ‘Vanderpump Rules’

For six seasons, Vanderpump Rules has been the go-to reality TV home for the craziest breakups, hookups, and drunken brawls. And after all these years, viewers still wonder if what they see on TV is real or if they're manipulated by a crew of clever producers. Although the cast films all the time and are quite candid about their personal lives, many fans are still left with questions that the series just won't answer. Surely there has to be more than what we see on the show.

Back in 2016, Tom Sandoval admitted that our hunches were correct. "One thing that [producers] do that trolls us, and it sucks—if someone is a total complete a–hole, and they have beef with someone who is not, at all, they’ll kind of edit to even the playing field," he told Jezebel. "To get viewers to want to take both sides."

And that's just one example. But if you're looking for more interesting behind-the-scenes facts about your favorite SURvers, from how the cast deals with their rigorous filming schedule (hint: Adderall) to how much they get paid, here are 10 secrets about the show that they don't show you on TV.