The last season finale of Million Dollar Listing New York showed former star Luis D. Ortiz in dark place… even in the City of Light. In that episode, co-stars Frederik Eklund and Ryan Serhant visited Luis at his enviable Paris penthouse. But Luis revealed he wasn't happy there, and he even broke down in tears. What happened? He was directionless at the time, as he told his friends: "Paris is not the place I should be in… If there is no goal or objective in your life, there is no purpose for you to do anything."

So where is Luis now, on the cusp of tonight's MLDNY Season 7 premiere? According to his Instagram, the 31-year-old is still "taking some time" for himself and currently living in Los Angeles… when he's not traveling the world, that is! His photos from the past year show him visiting England, Australia, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Japan, Morocco, Israel, and Spain, among other destinations. When a Twitter fan asked why he's always "running away," Luis replied, "Exploring, my friend. One life."

Luis has been on this Eat, Pray, Love-style journey of self-discovery ever since retiring from the real estate biz at the end of MDLNY Season 5. He reflected on that choice in a subsequent interview with The Daily Dish, saying, "When I realized that it wasn't making me happy, It was a hard decision to make because then you say you have built a career that is allowing you to do so well or you're doing so well, but yet doesn't make you happy — so the decision has to be which one do I choose? So I chose happiness."

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And for the record, he doesn't seem to regret his Paris pit stop. "Was the move to Paris essential to the process of my journey as a man who wants to live life to the fullest by learning more about himself everyday through other people, places, and cultures? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!" he wrote on Instagram recently. "This will serve as a reminder that when something feels right, I should go for it without hesitation!"