Thanks to Jersey Shore Family Vacation, we know all about The Situation — and, ahem, his legal woes — but what about his onetime friend The Unit? This other Jersey Shore fixture hasn't popped up yet on MTV's revival, so naturally, fans wanna know what has become of Mike Sorrentino's former BFF.

So, where is The Unit now? These days, Jonny Manfre is still all about the "G" of the "GTL" lifestyle, working as a personal trainer. He's been dormant on social media for nearly a year now — and his websites and are both defunct — but his Instagram profile reveals he's certified with both the National Academy of Sports Medicine and with CrossFit Level 1.

On Twitter, he says he's "half man, half ab-mazing," he's a "sports and animal lover, philosopher, author, scientist, and good dude." He also says he "[lays] pipe and "[swings] the sledgehammer daily."

And if you think that's TMI, wait until you read the story behind his nickname, a story he related to fitness expert Fitz Koehler: "I was on tour with The Situation and his brother [Marc] and we were out doing a club appearance. Girls send us picture messages a lot when we do appearances, and one day, I decided to return one. Marc was scrolling through my phone and saw the picture I had returned. If you’re proud of what you’re working with, you return it, you know? The next day we were approached by a reporter and were asked what my nickname was. Marc answered for me saying I was 'The Unit,' referring to the picture message he saw of me, saying I had a mini baseball bat in my pants."

If you'll recall, The Unit made quite an impression during the reality show's original run. This is a guy who apparently had sex with Snooki's friend Ryder (while Snooki was allegedly sexing up Mike in the same room), which unfolded during Season 4. Then, during the filming of Season 5, he was arrested for drug possession outside the Jersey Shore house after allegedly carrying ketamine on his person. He pleaded guilty to a disorderly persons offense and got his drug charge dropped, as TMZ reported. Oh, and he once said Snooki has "always got something in her mouth." Those Jersey Shore guys are such charmers, right?