Now that Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is married to Jionni LaValle, it’s probably awkward to live under the same roof as former flame Vinny Guadagnino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. In the original run of the MTV reality show, the duo had sexual chemistry that lead to quite a few hook-ups, some cheating, and even a falling out post-show. Check out the timeline below to see what exactly happened between Vinny and Snooki.

Vinny comforts a “punch-drunk” Snooki

Way back in Season 1, a belligerent bar-goer punches Snooki in the face. Her other friends confront the dude outside the club, but Vinny ventures into the ladies’ room to make sure Snooki was OK. This was the beginning of their friendship.

Snooki and Vinny smush

Emilio who? Snooki technically has a boyfriend in Season 2, but she falls into bed with Vinny anyway… and then does so again three episodes later. She later says hooking up with him was like “putting a watermelon in a pinhole.”

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Vinny spurns Snooki’s advances

After a night of heavy partying in Season 3 — and one day after hooking up with someone else — Snooki tells Vinny she wants to “cuddle.” But Vinny rejects her, throwing her for a serious loop. “I care about her too much to let her smash two nights,” Vinny claims, dubiously. Snooki later reveals she has real feelings for Vin in Season 3, but he says he wants the two of them to be “just friends.”

Vinny and Snooki fanno sesso in Florence

Amid relationship drama with Jionni in Season 4, Snooki once again crawls into bed with Vinny during the gang’s trip to Florence. And they don’t just snuggle, as roomie Pauly D reveals. “I see Snooki’s head popping up for air,” he says. “We all know what’s going down.” Snooki later confesses to Jionni that she slept with Vinny, to which he responds, “Tell Vinny he’s dead!”

Snooki doubles down on her “watermelon” comment

In 2011, Snooki tells E! News her description of Vinny’s manhood was no exaggeration. “I wasn’t lying,” she says. “He’s going to get a mold of his penis and sell it to everyone.” (“It was funny,” Vinny says of the analogy. “Thanks, Snooki.”)

Vinny and Snooki’s friendship deepens

Season 5 and 6 is all about Vinny and Snooki becoming closer as friends — without benefits. In happier times, they hit the Shore as their elderly alter-egos. In heavier times, Snooki advises Vinny to focus on his mental health. Vinny eventually clears the air with Jionni despite several awkward moments.

Snooki and Jionni get married without Vinny in attendance

Vinny doesn’t make the guest list of Snooki and Jionni’s 2014 nuptials, and he later tells Life & Style his theories why. “I think [I wasn’t invited] because we hooked up to some capacity in the past,” he says in an exclusive interview. “Maybe it wouldn’t have been the best for me to [go].”

“I don’t think it was [Jionni] or whatever because he was cool with me on the show and he knew about it. I think it was just because of me doing comedy and going on podcasts and going up on stage. I would tell stories about hooking up with her. This is my life, and I’m going to tell it. That’s what people want to know.”

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Snooki details her and Jionni’s falling-out (and reconciliation)

Talking to Life & Style exclusively, Snooki confirms Vinny’s super-personal brand of comedy is to blame for their estrangement. “That was kind of our little falling out,” she reveals. “That’s why I kind of stopped talking to him for a little while. Just because I get it, it was in the past, whatever — but to use me for comic relief? Like, knowing that it’s not cool to talk about that anymore, you know, when I’m married — that’s just not really something a friend would do, you know?”

She adds, “So I kind of backed away from him after that because I didn’t really think that was something a friend would do — but we talked it out and we’re fine. We’re over it.”