John Henry Spurlock had a short journey during his time on The Bachelorette with the former leading lady Charity Lawson. After his season 20 reality TV debut, the Virginia native got a second chance at love when he joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans are currently watching his summer of love play out on ABC, but there have been rumblings about whether he left the beach single or an engaged man.

What ​Is Bachelor Nation’s John Henry’s Job?

John loves the outdoors and is an underwater welder.

What Happened to John Henry on ‘The Bachelorette’?

John didn’t have too much camera time while getting to know Charity in the Bachelor mansion and he was sent home during week 2.

After his elimination, John admitted he kept his first and only rose he was offered during the season. Since he didn’t form a bond with Charity, John’s favorite part about being on the show was “meeting the guys.”

“I was expecting only to be a couple that I would be cool with. But I was totally blown away by the quality of men brought on the show,” he told Bachelor Insider in July 2023. “Relationships that will last the rest of my life.”

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John also shared that his time on The Bachelorette taught him to “live life to the fullest.” “Don’t be afraid to take risks, and getting out of your comfort zone is a great thing. You won’t get these amazing opportunities playing it safe,” he shared.

What Happens to John Henry on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

The rest of the story has Bachelor in Paradise season 9 spoilers.

Will John become a shirtless knight in shining armor for a special Bachelor Nation single lady? The reality star was not a part of the day 1 cast of BiP season 9, but it’s clear he’s going to turn heads and steal hearts when he finally joins the cast.

John and Bachelorette costar Brayden Bowers will seemingly go head-to-head as Reality Steve reported on July 17 that John and Kat Izzo get engaged on the show. However, fans saw a hot romance transpire between the Bachelor season 27 star and Brayden during the first teaser of the season.

In the clip that was released in August, Kat and Brayden were seen smooching and gushing over one another in their solo confessional clips.

“It’s not just that he’s hot. He has like, depth, and that’s honestly few and far between that you can find these days in men. He’s like a golden retriever. And I love it,” she said of the traveling nurse.

As for Brayden, he admitted he “can see spending” his “life” with Kat.

That being said, the Bachelor Nation villain’s vision was short-lived as John and Kat reportedly become one of the few engaged couples to leave the beach this season.

Reality Steve shared a video of John and Kat together in public after filming on X (formerly known as Twitter), writing, “Onlookers said they were holding hands and were an obvious couple.”

It’s unknown if the couple is still together as of publication.