Four months after Carly Waddell teased that she had a new man in her life, she introduced followers to her boyfriend, Todd Allen Tressler, on Instagram. The Bachelor in Paradise alum, who was previously married to Evan Bass, revealed how she met her man, what he does for a living and more. 

Who Is Bachelor in Paradise’s Carly Waddell’s Boyfriend?

Todd Allen Tressler is a lawyer who founded Tressler & Associates, PLLC. The firm, which is located in middle Tennessee, specializes in “real estate, business and estate planning legal services,” according to its website. Todd started the company in 2009. 

He also owns Tressler Title, which was founded in 2016. “[We are an] attorney-owned and operated title and escrow company committed to making your closing day meaningful,” the company’s website says.

“As CEO, [Todd] leads the vision and strategic direction of both companies,” Todd’s bio confirms. “He is a skilled attorney with an extensive background in real estate law, business law and estate planning.”

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Todd’s bio also gives some insight into his pastimes. “[He] loves to spend time with his family and new pup Big Al, travel the world and watch Tennessee Vols football.”

The attorney graduated from The University of Tennessee in 2001 and finished law school at Nashville Law School in 2007. 

How Did Bachelor in Paradise’s Carly Waddell Meet Her Boyfriend?

When Carly hard launched Todd via Instagram on March 14, 2024, she explained how they met in her lengthy caption. “My tv was on mute in the middle of last year and this man came on being interviewed on the midday news about his business,” Carly dished. “I stopped in my tracks. It wasn’t just that I found him handsome. There was something about his smile, even when I couldn’t hear his voice (which is very deep and southern by the way).”

The former reality star remembered Todd’s name and said she “couldn’t stop thinking about” him. After some urging from her friends, she eventually looked him up and slid into his DMs after “a few too many glasses of wine,” she admitted. “He’s not a Bachelor watcher, he’s not a big social media guy, he thought his friends were playing a trick on him,” she explained.

After the two “liked” a few of each other’s posts, Carly said she messaged her now-boyfriend and said, “So are [we] just gonna keep liking each others [sic] stuff?” She then “asked him out in the most awkward voice text ever that [she] thought would never send and then it accidentally did.” 

Carly and Todd went on their first date and she felt the sparks right away. “I left the date telling my mom, ‘I don’t know what is going to happen in the future, but I will forever measure every other date to what that just was because it was magic,’” she continued. “It continues to be magic.” 

Along with the caption, Carly shared a montage of photos and videos from her time with Todd, including footage of them on trips, date nights and more. “Here’s what I have been up to all year,” she revealed. “Loving my loveable lawyer who also told me that I taught him what real love is, and he has done the same for me.”

When Did Carly Waddell Start Dating Her Boyfriend?

Although Carly did not reveal the exact date she and Todd got together, it’s confirmed that their relationship began in 2023. The singer revealed the timeline when she said she first saw Todd on her television “in the middle [of 2023].” 

She also confirmed that she was seeing someone in a November 2023 interview, so the lovebirds were already an item by that point. “He’s older than me,” she dished at the time, while still keeping Todd’s identity under wraps. “He’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a human.”

When Carly debuted Todd on social media, she explained why she had previously kept the relationship so secretive. “I have left him out of my social media presence while I made sure my kids loved him and while I made sure I did too,” she revealed. 

What Happened Between Bachelor in Paradise’s Carly Waddell and Evan Bass?

Carly was previously married to Evan Bass, whom she met on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2016. Although Carly was initially hesitant about dating Evan, they wound up falling in love and getting engaged on the show. In June 2017, they got married in Mexico.

The pair welcomed a daughter, Bella, in February 2018 and a son, Charlie, in November 2019. However, by December 2020, they confirmed that they had split.

“I think that when we got out of [Paradise], we weren’t able to set a proper foundation,” Evan admitted in 2022. “Paradise gives you a kind of foundation that’s very … there’s nothing going on there, right? You just have to work on your relationship. And you talk about real-life stuff. And for me, it was very genuine, and I think when you get out, that transition … that’s probably where we missed it. Like, communicating about values and just communication in general.”