Buying Beverly Hills returned to Netflix full force for season 2 and fans are living for the in-office connections. Elite real estate agent Adam Rosenfeld unintentionally shook things up between Sophia Umansky, daughter of Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards, and The Agency’s Melissa Platt after the ladies fought for his attention during a wild trip to Miami.

Who Is Buying Beverly Hills’ Adam ​Rosenfeld?

Needless to say, Adam is the cast eye candy for the Netflix show’s second season. The reality star is also the cofounder of the Grauman & Rosenfeld Group, which is a part of The Agency, founded and run by Mauricio.

“I am delighted to join The Agency and partner with Jon, a long-time friend and esteemed colleague,” Adam said in a July 2021 press release. “I am looking forward to a long and prosperous future working alongside Jon, who is one of the brightest minds in our business, as we start this new chapter in both of our careers.”

What Happens to Adam ​Rosenfeld on ‘Buying Beverly Hills’?

An Agency field trip to Miami turned into a flirty soiree during after-hours. The team let loose at E11even, the famous nightclub that the Jersey Shore cast partied at, and the vibes were high … before they plummeted.

Sophia, who was one of the first people to arrive at the club with oldest sister Farrah Aldjufrie, was interested in Adam as the two mingled throughout the night. Adam bought Sofia drinks and she even gave him a little smooch on the cheek. Fans weren’t able to see where the night took them because Melissa, who is Farrah’s best friend, swooped Adam away from Sophia for herself.

“Melissa was not leaving him alone. Take the L where the L is due. You lost, Sophia won, now back off,” Sophia’s older sister Alexia Umansky said in an episode. “Here’s the thing, after we left the first club, things really started to shift, and suddenly Melissa was all over Adam, holding his hand. Forgetting that Sophia had already put herself out there. It doesn’t sit well with me.”

Farrah also stood up for her sibling and called out “salty” Melissa on the beach and told it to her straight.

Who Is Buying Beverly Hills’ Real Estate Agent Adam Rosenfeld?

“You put [Adam] in a corner and were talking to him the whole time. You didn’t hang out with us the entire night,” Farrah said. “I feel like they were vibing, and then you looked real salty and swooped in. I’ve got to have my sister’s back in this. That was shady.”

After the women exchanged words, Adam intervened and revealed that he wasn’t romantically interested in either of them.

“First of all, the whole conversation about your sister, no disrespect but she’s my boss’ 23-year-old daughter,” he said, adding, “The answer [to whether I’d ever go for Melissa] is no. I think Melissa and I have really great friend vibes. Last night I finally got a chance to sit and chat with her, and I think she’s awesome.”