Summer House star Danielle Olivera has seen all the romance drama unfold on the hit Bravo reality series, but she has been going steady with boyfriend Robert Sieber for quite a while. 

While the product manager has a hectic work schedule most of the time, she still makes it a priority to spend quality time with the chef. The two have posted pictures together throughout 2021, and they appear to have kicked 2022 off to a great start as well. 

Keep reading to learn more details about Danielle’s relationship with Robert. 

Danielle Met Robert in 2020

In a March 2021 interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Danielle dished on her relationship with the chef. 

“I was single and happy to be single, especially during a pandemic,” she admitted about her life before meeting Robert. “We met [at a local Hamptons restaurant] and that was right before moving into the Summer House.”

Danielle then described how she was immediately smitten by Robert. 

“When a hot chef comes out to your table, you notice,” she added. “I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew that I really, really liked him. And so here we are.”

Who Is Danielle From Summer House Dating
Courtesy of Danielle Olivera/Instagram

Danielle Was Hesitant to Invite Robert into Her Reality TV Life

Once the new couple started dating, Danielle didn’t bring him into the reality TV world of Summer House immediately. Instead, she got to know him further by speaking with him on the phone during her time in the Montauk, Long Island home. 

“I was in the house for so long and we were just having phone conversations, I guess the old-fashioned way,” Danielle recalled in the same interview. 

Despite Danielle’s initial qualms, she opened up about how Robert became friends with Danielle’s costar Lindsay Hubbard before eventually visiting the house. 

“And [Robert and Lindsay] friends,” the reality star added. “They text each other on the side, like it kind of just worked out. And I’m so fortunate he just meshed with everyone so well.”

Danielle and Robert Moved in Together

In November 2021, Danielle announced that she and Robert were moving to a different location after living in the East Village neighborhood of New York City throughout the year. She announced the news via Instagram Stories by sharing a photo of clothes and shoes scattered across the floor, per Bravo.

Danielle and Robert Sometimes Spend Time Apart

Although Danielle and Robert are happily in love, they’ve had to spend some time apart before since she is a part of the seasonal reality show and he works in a different industry. 

“Happy birthday to my baby @danielleolivera,” Robert captioned an affectionate Instagram tribute post to his lady in December 2021. “A year older and somehow in that time you’ve made me even happier. Thank [you] for always supporting me especially in this time apart. Love you baby.”

In response to the sweet post, Danielle responded by thanking her “love” in a comment. “You make me the happiest even when you’re in a different time zone,” she added. “Can’t wait to see you next week.” 

Danielle and Robert Are Still Going Strong

It appears this happy couple are still enjoying their relationship, as Danielle shared a photo from a visit to Aspen, Colorado, in January 2022. 

“Leaving this one was hard, but I’ll be back, probably in this exact coat,” she captioned an Instagram photo featuring the two of them smiling and wearing winter coats in the snowy weather.