On the market! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Frankie Catania Jr. is “single” and “super happy,” he exclusively tells Life & Style.

“I’m pretty open to a relationship, obviously, if something natural were to come along and naturally developed,” the son of Dolores and Frank Catania, 24, explains about his dating life during Bravocon 2022 on October 14.

While the Bravo star is “open” to the possibility of finding love, he’s “not looking for” anything specific at the moment. “[I’m] enjoying my alone time,” the asset manager says, adding that he’s “having a good time” spending his weekends going out with his friends. 

Who Is Frankie Catania Dating? Confirms If He's Single, Taken
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When he does find the right person, Frankie notes that his parents’ approval is “a factor,” although he has to “make [his] own decision.”

“I like to think that if I’m bringing someone around my mother, I’m confident that she’ll like them, and my father, I’m confident that they’ll like them,” Frankie says. “I think anyone who I’m with would know not to be disrespectful in any type of way and understand the standards my mom would want for me to be with the right woman.”

Frankie admits that RHONJ has been “a plus and a minus” for his dating life.

“My personal life is still pretty private because I’m not a focal point in the show. It’s about my mom,” he says before adding, “You don’t want obviously being on the show to be any factor of someone liking you.” That being said, he jokes that he’s “the wrong person to go to for clout.” 

Frankie hit the ground running after graduating summa cum laude from Sacred Heart University in May 2021. He revealed during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live at the time that he took a job as an asset manager at New Jersey real estate company Revolve Capital. Although he continues his passion for bodybuilding, the reality star noted that he didn’t think he would “be competing any time soon.”

Frankie celebrated his 24th birthday with his parents on October 8. Although Dolores and Frank Sr. have been divorced for more than 20 years, they continue to be a very close family unit. Frankie didn’t stop from gushing over Big Frank’s “amazing” girlfriend, Brittany, while speaking with Life & Style.  

“[She’s] a lovely woman, takes good care of my father. They love each other. They have a great time together,” he says. “I see a very great version of my father when he’s with her that I’m happy to see, so I couldn’t be happier with Brittany.”

For his mother’s part, Dolores is dating boyfriend, Paul “Paulie” Connell, and their relationship makes Frankie feel “hopeful.”

“Paul and I are getting along amazingly,” Frankie says. “He’s like teaching me some great things about manhood, and I love to spend time with him.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper