Who is he? Sofia Richie was spotted locking lips with a mystery man on the beach in Miami on Monday, February 1, less than four months after she started dating Matthew Morton. The lucky guy has been identified as Gil Ofer — and if you’re curious about the model’s rumored new beau, read on to learn everything we know about him so far.


Gil Is the Son of an Israeli Billionaire

Yeah, he’s loaded. The object of the 22-year-old’s affections is the son of Idan Ofer, the founder of Tanker Pacific, the largest privately owned global tanking fleet. The 65-year-old is considered the 494th richest person in the world by Forbes. He also has heavy stakes in the shipping, drilling and mining businesses and is the principal of holding company Quantum Pacific Group. Additionally, he is a majority shareholder of Kenon Holdings and the Israel Corporation.

Gil’s dad also has significant ownership of two sports clubs: an 85 percent stake in Portuguese second league football club FC Famalicão and a 32 percent stake in Spanish football club Atlético Madrid. He has an overall net worth of $5.3 billion, according to Forbes.

Gil Is an Ivy League Grad

The billionaire heir seems to be a smart guy. He attended Harvard University and graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and a minor in sociology, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Gil Is Still in School

The dedicated student is actively furthering his education. Gil is currently studying for a Master of Business Administration degree at London Business School. He started his journey in August 2020 and seems to be based in London due to his schooling.

Gil Is Already a Businessman in His Own Right

Despite being in school, the Master’s candidate is the head of an EPS tech start-up project. Trade Winds, a publication focusing on global shipping news, called the start-up “a maritime accelerator scheme that involves companies trying to launch robotics, AI and machine vision businesses.”

Gil Has Social Media — But He Isn’t an Influencer

The businessman’s supposed Instagram account is, sadly, private. He boasts nearly 4,500 followers, which shows he’s not entirely in the public eye. His profile bio reads, “Looking forward to the memories of right now.”