When you see Nilsa Prowant on MTV’s Jersey Shore successor Floribama Shore, you can safely assume she did her own hair and makeup! The 23-year-old from Panama Beach, FL, works as a stylist, and now she’s ready for her reality TV closeup. Scroll down for more details on the Floribama Shore cast member!

Who is Nilsa Prowant?

“Nilly the Squid,” as she calls herself on Instagram, does hair and makeup for photo shoots… and prom attendees at local high schools! But she isn’t afraid to get in front of the camera, either. Last year, she tried out for the Hooter’s calendar, showing off her audition photo on Instagram. “I’m feeling very proud and confident in myself now that I'm 15 pounds down since October, my body is in the best shape it has been in years, and I finally feel like I have something to be proud of!” she wrote.

She also teased her followers with two truths and a lie: She’s never had a speeding ticket, she can say ‘Hello, how are you?’ in six languages, and she was a college cheerleader. (That first claim is a lie — she’s had multiple speeding tickets!)

What's the deal with Nilsa's ex-husband?

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Part of becoming a family means opening up and spilling it all out on the table…. so thankful this family had their arms wide open for me 💕 @floribamashore @aimeeelizabethhall @_pimpfriedrice @_k0nigi @guscalebsmyrnios @kirkmedas @jbn3_77 @code_eye10 @mtv #mtvfloribamashore

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In the series premiere, we learned that Nilsa got married when she was 20 to a guy in the Marines. "We were so in love, and he was so good — literally, I thought he was going to be the guy for me forever. He was amazing and my parents loved him," she shared. But a miscarriage greatly affected the couple's relationship. Not only was she left to grieve alone when he was deployed a month later, but he cheated on her once he got back. "The guy I married just turned out to be not what I thought he was," she explained.

What is Nilsa's ethnicity?

The beauty is from the Florida panhandle, but she recently revealed that her family is originally from Panama. "How amazing is it that we get to be citizens of this great country," she wrote. "America has given my family so many opportunities, I am so blessed to call the USA my home #panamanianamerican."