Last year, viewers watched Miley Cyrus, Blake Shelton, and Jennifer Hudson fight to land Chloé Kohanski on their respective teams during The Voice blind auditons. They all saw a bright future for the then 23-year-old singer who wowed them with her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” She ultimately chose #TeamMiley, but won the reality singing-competition on #TeamBlake after getting stolen during the Knockout round. Recently, her fans began wondering what the Season 13 winner is doing now.

“I’m going to be really honest and transparent with u… the past few months have literally been insane,” she shared on Instagram. “I just wanted to walk away from The Voice with at least a few new fans… so I can’t explain to you how wildly unprepared I am for all of this. But I can promise you that I’m working very hard. Since December, I’ve been pushed in ways I’ve never experienced before. I am dealing with pressures and stresses I didn’t even know existed. I have so many dreams…. BIG dreams.”

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Part of the prize of winning is receiving a record deal with Universal Music Group, but Chloé has yet to release an album. She explained to her fans that she’s working on new music. “Something old, something new. Most importantly music that makes you FEEL,” she continued. “I know you guys want new music. I know you are expecting something by now… but just hold on a little bit longer!! I promise it will be worth the wait. I can’t wait to travel to your cities and cry/dance together!! I can’t wait to meet all of you and maybe get the chance to be friends. I truly can’t thank you enough for supporting me on this journey. Thank you for changing my life!”

On March 12 she tweeted, “Spent the past month in Los Angeles writing songs for you.” And until she releases the music, fans will have the chance to catch up with the singer who is returning to The Voice on April 2.

“Can’t wait to hear the advice you’re going to give. I’m sure it’ll be good beings you already won the show. I bet the ratings go up just because of your presence on the show. You have so many of us that love you woman! I’ll be watching for sure!” one fan tweeted. Another added, “Really glad you’re coming back. All the contestants need to look at how great you became. And now you’re a star.”

There’s no doubt that when Chloé does release her music, it’ll resonate with fans. Blake predicted her fame early on: “The record company just needs to give her the platform. If they can really do that it’s going to be easy. If we can’t follow through with this thing, then WTF? I truly think Chloé can go on from here and become the first star that we’ve had come out of this show that can have some hit songs.”