It’s almost time to strap in for The Challenge: War of the Worlds and this season’s post-apocalyptic theme looks more insane than ever. 34 hopeful contestants will appear on the show’s premiere on February 6, but only one can take home the $1 million prize. Life & Style exclusively spoke with Wes Bergmann, Nany Carmen González and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio about who they think viewers should definitely keep their eyes on.

This season’s theme paired up reality stars from all over the world for total domination. “New rules will unfold, alliances will be rehashed and surprising twists will arise in the grittiest, most hardcore season ever,” according to MTV.

There’s going to be a lot of new faces, but our favorite reality show veterans picked their must-watch newbies this time around.

Mattie Party Down South The Challenge

Mattie Lynn Breaux from Party Down South is going to be a perfect combination of a competitor and an entertainer,” Wes divulged. “She’s like the perfect mix of both. She’s going to come out strong.”

Dee Nguyen the challenge

He added that someone from down under will also makes a splash. “Dee [Nguyen] … representing Australia is a firecracker and is going to be a lot better than people assume from the get-go.”

natalie duran american ninja warrior the challenge

It’s all about girl power this season because Wes’ top picks are all strong women including “Ninja Natalie.” He continued, “[Natalie Duran] from American Ninja Warrior was a very smart and strategic thinker.” The reality star also noted that Los Angeles fitness pro is “easily the most athletic girl that’s probably ever been on the show.”

The Challenge Georgia Harrison love island

Nany was very surprised by a tiny girl with a big personality — Georgia Harrison from Love Island. “Georgia comes off very fun … you know like she likes to party, she likes to drink. But, Georgia definitely surprised me,” the veteran admitted. “That girl is a go-getter. She has so much heart and she’s an awesome competitor … I really do respect her.”

As for Johnny’s biggest competition … he’s still all about Bananas. “I know this is going to sound cliche but myself,” the NBC personality said when asked who his stiffest competition was. Besides noting that Wes “would be an issue” for him, he did mention, “There’s a lot of new kids who, every season, are coming back and they’re hungry to try and take me down to try and make a name for themselves.”

It looks like it’s going to be a fierce season!

Don’t miss The Challenge now on Wednesday nights on MTV. The premiere kicks off on February 6 at 9 p.m. EST.

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