On Dec. 18, Ariana Grande took to Instagram to share a picture of her Christmas tree with fans. Big whoop, right? Well, as it happens, Ari’s tree is upside down/suspended from her ceiling. So, yeah, it caught some people’s attention, to say the least. 

“Wait, I’m confused. Why is the tree on the ceiling?” One fan commented. “I don’t get it. What is going on? How is this physically possible?” added another. One simply wrote: “I have so many questions.” To be clear, the logistics of getting a tree on the ceiling aren’t *that* complex. It’s Ari’s reason for doing it, however, that has us in our feelings.

According to reports, the 25-year-old revealed that her tree is actually a metaphor. “Sometimes life just be upside down,” Ari told a photographer following her in NYC. Sigh. We hear that, girl.

Of course, after the year Ariana has experienced, we’re not entirely surprised by her heartbreaking explanation. Between calling off her engagement to SNL comedian Pete Davidson and losing her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller to a tragic drug overdose — and then being blamed for it —  it’s been a tough 365 days for the songstress.

That said, there were some really triumphant moments, too! Not only did Ari win Billboard’s Woman of the Year, but she also released a ton of new music — including “thank u, next,” which basically revolutionized the idea of what a breakup anthem should be.

No matter what life threw at her, she kept fighting — and that’s what makes Ariana an inspiration, icon, and survivor. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for her, but more importantly, here’s hoping that by this time next year, Ari’s Christmas tree will be on solid ground.

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