Never have I ever … wanted to say goodbye. After Netflix dropped the latest season of Never Have I Ever on Thursday, June 8, fans began wondering what’s next for the beloved series. Keep reading for everything we know about a potential season 5. 

What Happened During ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4?

The fourth season of the Mindy Kaling created series focused on the “banging ending” to Devi Vishwakumar’s high school career. The former member of the “U.N.” finally cashed in her V-card with lifelong rival-turned-love-interest Ben Gross (played by Jaren Lewison), but things quickly turn awkward. 

After Ben all but ghosted her, Devi (played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) moved on with bad boy Ethan Morales (played by Michael Cimino). While that relationship was short-lived and ended shortly after she discovered her bad boy was actually a “bad person,” the high school senior turned her focus back to her college applications. 

Despite losing out on the coveted early admission spot at Princeton to her bestie Fabiola Torres (played by Lee Rodriguez), Devi officially was granted admission to her dream university. After a year of pining over Ben, she and the future Columbia University student finally confessed their love for each other and decided to give their relationship a chance as he headed off to New York and her New Jersey. 

Is There Going to Be Another Season of ‘Never Have I Ever’?

While The Office alum has previously acknowledged that Devi’s final year of high school would be the end of the series, fans are questioning if that’s truly the case.

“Every year the cast is getting older and we want them to be believably in high school,” Mindy told Today at the season 3 premiere in August 2022. “We knew how we wanted to end the show when we started the show. And four years does seem just to be like the perfect amount of time for a high school show.” 

She further drove home that this would be the end when she shared the trailer for season 4 via Instagram in May. 

“I’m so excited to share the trailer for the FINAL season of Never Have I Ever,” she shared at the time. “[Lang Fisher] and I are so proud of our show and what it has meant to people. The brilliant, diverse cast and crew worked so hard to bring this epic last season to you, and I am so grateful.”

However, as season 4 was coming to an end, narrator John McEnroe dropped a subtle hint that there might be the possibility of a fifth season or a spinoff series. 

“And after four rocky years of high school, Devi finally had both the boy and the college of her dreams,” he said in the final scene. “There would be other dreams, of course … but, in this moment, our little hothead from the Valley was pretty happy.”

He continued, “So, this is John McEnroe live from Princeton, New Jersey, signing off. For now.”