EXCLUSIVE: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Early Mother's Day Celebrations — With Their Moms

Blake lively ryan reynolds mothers day

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and their moms recently went on an early Mother's Day date.


Looks like Mother's Day celebrations came a bit early for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' moms!

Life & Style can reveal that the married superstar couple spent a sweet date with their leading ladies just a few weeks before the special day.

"They dined at Nobu in NYC with their moms," an eyewitness tells Life & Style. "They were so cute!"

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And that's not all they did! Right before they indulged in some sushi, Blake, 25, and Ryan, 36, took their mamas Elaine and Tammy, respectively shopping. Some very stylish shopping at that.

"Each mom was holding a bag from Gucci, like Ryan and Blake had taken them shopping before heading to Nobu," the onlooker shares. Perhaps Blake gets a discount considering she's the face of Gucci Premiere perfume?

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Speaking of Gucci perfume, the 25-year-old actress recently admitted that Mother's Day is an incredibly important holiday in her family and that she'd be gifting her mom the beautiful scent.

"We still celebrate Mother's Day. It's like a national holiday in our family, so if I don't fly home for Mother's Day, I'm in huge trouble," the actress recently admitted. "When [my mom] smelled my Gucci Premiere, the bottle was gone from my shelf in about two seconds. She stole it from me! It was like chocolate we were fighting over."

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Though Blake's not a mommy just yet, we have a feeling she'll be celebrating the day herself in the near future.

"I've always wants a big family," says the starlet, who wed Ryan in September. "Oh, I'd love 30 [children] if I could."

Watch Blake Talk About Her Mother's Day Plans Today Below:

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