Shanna Moakler‘s daughter Alabama Barker is so worried about her mom, after the former beauty queen’s ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau went on a profanity-riddled Instagram tirade claiming their relationship was over and was arrested for felony domestic violence. The teen took to her Instagram Stories to reassure fans that Shanna “is OK.”

Alabama, 16, whom Shanna shares with ex-husband Travis Barker, shared a slide that read, “Just texted my mom. I’m not sure what happened on her live. I’m not sure what happened with her, but she is OK.” Shanna’s daughter then added about Matthew and his vicious Instagram live rant against her mom, “That man needs serious help.”

Matthew was booked on the morning of Thursday, February 24, and taken into the LAPD Valley Jail with his bail set at $50,000.

Following the altercation, a rep for Shanna told Life & Style in a statement, “Thank you to everyone calling with concern about Shanna, she is OK and survived this traumatic experience.  Especially to all of her fans who saw this horrible incident unfold on social media. Thankfully, the police saved her from harm’s way, and she is doing fine. At the moment, she asks that she is give her space to adjust to life after this trauma.”

In a since-deleted, profanity-laden clip shared before his arrest, Matthew declared, “Morning. So, it’s over. OK. So, record me now because this is done. I am never talking to this f—king specimen of a human again.” The model added that Shanna had allegedly had been unfaithful to him “the whole entire time of our relationship” and accused the Meet the Barkers alum of talking to “married couples.”

“Quote me on it, this is f—king done. I have never been disrespected and so f—king humiliated my entire life,” Matthew ranted, later alleging that Shanna “is talking to her exes” and has lingering feelings for Travis. *Shanna and Travis divorced in 2008 and in addition to Alabama, also share a son, Landon, 18. 

“She ain’t over Travis.” he claimed. “She ain’t over anything. She’s a complete fabrication of life. And no, I’m not f—king drunk, I am on nothing. I’m completely heartbroken … You will never see me again. It’s over because I’m never going to talk to her again. I just want you to know who she is.”

A source told , “Matthew is spinning the story. She would never sleep with a married man. The thought of it is ridiculous. She wasn’t cheating on Matthew.”

Matthew and Shanna appeared to be the picture of happiness just days ago, when they were photographed kissing and putting on a major display of PDA outside the Fairmont Del Mar in San Diego, California, on Monday, February 21. The morning prior to Matthew’s tirade, Shanna shared a sweet message under a selfie he shared to Instagram, writing “Hottie” and adding heart and flame emoji. The two have been involved in a rollercoaster, on-and-off romance since 2020.