Male model Matthew Rondeau’s net worth and job have come into question after he shared a disturbing video angrily shouting about on-and-off girlfriend Shanna Moakler.

Although Rondeau’s net worth is not exactly known, multiple outlets estimate it’s around $400,000. According to his Instagram bio, he makes money by working as an actor, model, poker player, chef and entrepreneur. 

On February 24, Rondeau posted a four-minute video via Instagram screaming about Moakler and accusing her of cheating while using countless profanities. He then seemingly hacked the former beauty queen’s Instagram and posted the video for her followers to see. 

“I make more money than her, by the way,” he claimed during the clip. It has since been deleted.

As of 2022, Moakler’s estimated net worth is $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, thanks to her long career as a beauty queen, model and actress. She also previously appeared on the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers when she was married to Travis Barker, with whom she shares son Landon and daughter Alabama

However, the amount of money Matthew makes was far from the only claim he made during the explosive video. 

“Quote me on it, this is f—king done,” he shouted, referring to his relationship with Shanna. “I have never been disrespected and so f—king humiliated my entire life.”

He alleged that she “is talking to her exes” and “married couples.” He pointed to a house across the street and claimed the Rhode Island native slept there the night prior. 

“She ain’t over Travis. She ain’t over anything. She’s a complete fabrication of life,” his tirade continued. “And no, I’m not f—king drunk, I am on nothing. I’m completely heartbroken … You will never see me again. It’s over because I’m never going to talk to her again. I just want you to know who she is.”

Throughout his video, Rondeau called Moakler an array of defamatory names, including a “sociopath,” “whore” and “narcissist.”

Amid their drama, a source told Us Weekly that Rondeau is “spinning the story” about their split. “She would never sleep with a married man. The thought of it is ridiculous. She wasn’t cheating on Matthew,” said the source.

This was not the only time cheating came up in their romance. In 2021, Moakler’s daughter made several public claims via Instagram against her mother’s boyfriend, claiming, “Matthew is nothing but awful to her” and “cheats on her.” However, the couple defended their relationship later that week, as Rondeau denied Alabama’s allegations and told Life & Style “our love is real.”

Life & Style reached out to Rondeau and Moakler’s teams but did not immediately hear back.

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