We stan a body-positive queen! Ali Tate Cutler is the first plus-sized model to appear in ads from Victoria’s Secret as part of the Bluebella Lingerie campaign and she’s hoping to help move the fashion industry in a more inclusive direction. As the host of “The Love You Give” podcast, she’s extremely open about her journey to becoming comfortable in her own skin and divulged exclusively to Life & Style how she remains positive.

“I stay confident by reminding myself that [my] body is a gift and a vessel, no matter what size I am. I eat well, workout, do weekly meditations and self-love affirmations,” the brunette beauty explained. “I try to keep my mind strong and that allows me to see myself as more than just my body.”

Ali Tate Cutler Victoria's Secret Plus Size Model Bra and Pants
Courtesy of Ali Tate Cutler Instagram

While Ali is obviously stunning, she wants to remind fans that we’re much bigger than our physical appearance. “Body positivity is so important because [it’s] time we love our bodies in order to transcend them. It’s our character and the people we are in the world that truly matter,” she added.

Impressively, the podcast host confessed that she was “booked directly on the job” for Victoria’s Secret without having to go to a casting session. She’s the first size 14 model in the brand’s history, but Ali hopes that this is just the beginning. “I’m just excited to be part of this new chapter for VS, and I really hope diversity in fashion continues to be the norm,” she said.

The model recently opened up to followers on Instagram about her journey to self-acceptance. “Getting real about how I never acknowledged my body when I was younger because I never wanted people to really look at mine and realize I was fat. I thought if I didn’t acknowledge it, no one would notice,” she began a lengthy caption on October 7.

Stepping into the fashion and beauty world helped her find a crew of inspiring women to change her mindset. “Then when I started ‘plus-size’ modeling, I had so many mixed feelings because now everyone knew I was the very thing I had been trying to hide,” she continued. “The most beautiful thing happened after I had been modeling for a while and started seeing models who were above size 14s that were unbelievably gorgeous. The programming in my mind started rewiring and I realized I too could be gorgeous, at any size. Editing the people you follow and surround yourself with does wonders.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Ali!