Um, who asked you? Former Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman clapped back at a troll who said her “runners body” looked “emaciated” in her latest bikini photo. The Bachelor Nation babe recently ran the New York City marathon for the first time ever and has started a movement on her own social page called Andorfins, a digital running group. Luckily, Andi handled the criticism with a great sense of humor.

“Not a fan of the runners body,” the commenter wrote on December 10 while explaining the ~health risks~ of “women that get too skinny.” The Instagram photo shows the 32-year-old standing in the ocean while vacationing in Miami Beach. She looks gorgeous while splashing around in the waves wearing a red bikini from the brand Summersalt and jet-black sunglasses.

Andi Dorfman claps back at troll who says her runners body is emaciated
Courtesy of Andi Dorfman Instagram

Keep in mind, this person didn’t appear to be a health professional. Just a reminder to please take all social media comments with a grain of salt. “A little cardio is healthy but burning 1,000+ [calories] running will only have you looking emaciated … Fashion usually goes against health.”

Andi Dorfman Claps Back at Troll Who Said Her Runners Body Looked Emaciated
Courtesy of Andi Dorfman Instagram

The person added, “Long-distance runners all look weak, like they wouldn’t survive long in an apocalypse having to carry large and heavy things.”

Andi didn’t bother trying to fact check or prove the person wrong. She instead hilariously wrote, “I’d actually dominate in an apocalypse scenario.” Spoken like a true queen.

Andi Dorfman Responds to Comments About Her Weight
Courtesy of Andi Dorfman Instagram

Unfortunately, the reality starlet’s comments were filled with comments about her body and weight. “You look ill,” someone else wrote in response to Andi’s bikini pic.

“I’m not ill don’t worry,” the brunette beauty began her response. “Just a little thin and leaner after training for [six] months and running a marathon that raised money for an amazing charity that supports self-confidence in young women.” Well, snap!

Andi also reacted to a fan who noted that they were “worried” because her body “doesn’t look well at all.” The Georgia native explained, “No need to worry. I eat, I work out, I enjoy life and I’m healthy. Maybe it’s a bad photo but nobody needs to be ‘worried’ about my health, trust me.”

Keep slaying, girl!