Madonna graced the stage for her Celebration Tour performances in the Big Apple last week and spotted Andy Cohen in the crowd during her show on December 16. The pop icon had a few words for the Bravo host and deemed him a “troublemaking queen.”

“I said how f–king fucking lucky am I?” Madonna, 65, said on stage in a video that Andy, 55, later posted on Instagram the following day. “If you say one more bad thing about me on your show, I’m gonna – you’re gonna be in so much trouble. You little troublemaking queen.”

Andy profusely shook his head in agreeance and yelled how much he loved the “Like a Virgin” artist, to which she responded, “Oh yeah, sure. That’s that crazy kind of love. I know I know about it. I’m addicted to it myself.”

Not only did the Watch What Happens Live host fangirl by sharing the video of the diva-like interaction, but also shared how he felt being called out the legend.

“I’m a life-long Madonna fan, so it’s a thrill and an honor to be called a ‘troublemaking queen’ by the Queen of Troublemaking. I BOW!” Andy wrote, adding, “Also – go see the new tour. It blew me away!! What a great night. Can’t wait to go back.”

Andy Cohen Reacts to Madonna Calling Him a ‘Troublemaking Queen’

The Real Housewives of New York City stars Erin Lichy and Jessel Taank were at the show and lived for Andy’s appearance on the jumbotron.

“She was AMAZING!!!” Erin commented, gushing, “Best night and so glad I saw you!!”

The Bravolebrities weren’t the only people who got a kick out of Madonna’s shade at Andy as people filled the comments section laughing at the exchange.

“Imagine being called out by Madonna but for all the right reasons!!! I’d be like omg she knew my name!!!! I’d be copyrighting TROUBLEMAKING QUEEN!” one fan wrote.

In June, Andy appeared on The Howard Stern Show and dished on Madonna being the only pop icon who hasn’t been a guest on Watch What Happens Live.

“Madonna still has not done the show. I’m actually kind of over it because in my Notes app, I was keeping a long list of interview questions for her in case she ever did the show, and she’s kind of answered a lot of it,” he shared.

Andy admitted that he was briefly “in touch” with Madonna “over the years” and that he “mellowed” out his feelings about her seemingly refusing to go on the show. The TV personality then shared a past text exchange between them where the “Hung Up” singer wrote, “Stop having people trash me on your show.”

“I speak so positively — on the radio and Watch What Happens Live,” Andy replied. “Only the bad stuff gets picked up.”