The latest stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have serious chemistry, so naturally, fans wanna know if the main characters of Cloak & Dagger are dating! For now, unfortunately, the answer is no — especially because Tandy aka Dagger already has a boyfriend on the show. But this is a Freeform series we're talking about here, so we fully expect romantic sparks to fly at some point. And in the meantime, the show is hooking us with its engaging plot and its captivating cast!

"Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is a coming-of-age series based on the beloved comic book characters," Freeform explains. "Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson come from starkly different backgrounds, each growing up with a secret they never dared share with another soul. "Tandy, for example, is a teen who grew up in privilege until a storm destroyed her family and upended her whole existence. Then her life is turned upside-down again when she meets Tyrone, a young man who grew up fearless until life taught him to be afraid. Working as a team, though, these two teens have super potential.

Olivia Holt is the actress behind Tandy; and the role marks her graduation, of sorts, from Disney roles. She starred in the Disney XD series Kickin' It, the Disney Channel show I Didn't Do It, and the Disney Channel movie Girl vs. Monster. The 20-year-old also has an EP titled Olivia through Hollywood Records, which — surprise, surprise — is owned by Disney. And even though Cloak & Dagger is more of an adult role, Olivia is still working for the Mouse, since both Freeform and Marvel are Disney properties!

Meanwhile, Aubrey Joseph landed the role of Tyrone with a résumé not quite as extensive as Olivia's but every bit as impressive. He portrayed Simba in the Broadway musical The Lion King, he appeared in the 2015 Liam Neeson thriller Run All Night, and he recurred in the 2016 HBO series The Night Of. Now, Cloak & Dagger marks this 20-year-old's first TV series regular role.

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And fans are loving the on-screen connection between these two rising talents. "Cloak & Dagger is already one of my favorite shows — acting, script, chemistry is all on point," tweets @BhrSkillz. And @Higher_Boy says, "Holy hell, I love Cloak & Dagger so much. Immediately engaging, good storylines, and fab chemistry between Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt."But don't take these Twitter users' word for it — see for yourself! Cloak & Dagger airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.