Can you say (or sing) “this bed is on fire with passionate love?” OK, even if you don’t know the ’90s hit, you can’t deny that just may be where Kylie Jenner and new boyfriend Drake are headed — and their zodiac signs are in full agreement. With the makeup mogul as a Leo and the rapper, 33, as a Scorpio, those of us astro-heads just know this pairing is going to be fire from start to finish — but let’s talk specifics on compatibility.

We’ll start with Kylie’s Leo sun sign. For a little refresher, the lions of the zodiac are known for their performative nature, reliability and loyalty — with a little stubbornness in the mix, of course. They’re fiery and fun, with a deep love for being the center of attention. Drizzy’s Scorpio sun sign, well, they love mystery. They’re intense and curious … and totally sexy. Believe it or not, these stingers of the zodiac are also a bit stubborn with a fierce loyalty.

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With that in mind, there could be moments where these two signs could come head to head, especially in a romantic setting, in which neither wants to budge. But pair Kylie’s penchant for the spotlight with Drake’s coy and steamy sensibilities and we may be in store for some moments of the new couple being really ~in tune~ with one another. With two strong personalities, relationships are bound to have clashing moments, as well as intense connections.

The loyalty factors of these two signs aren’t to be understated — we definitely saw that with Kylie, 22, and her ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott. So if the brunette beauty and the former actor go the distance, we could really see them ~go the distance~. Plus, with Drake’s Scorpio curiosities, it definitely seems like the Toronto native has the charm and attention span necessary to get to know his new lady for real, underneath the public persona.

With that loyalty will probably also come a possessive vibe if these two get more serious, but the fun (or not-so-fun, depending on how you look at it) is that no one party will be more envious than the other. The feeling’s mutual, baby. Let’s just hope it doesn’t go downhill from there!