Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney seemingly shut down feud rumors when they posed for a selfie together amid speculation that they have beef. So, why do fans think that the Riverdale star and Euphoria actress have drama?

Why Do Fans Think Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney Are Feuding?

Fans began to wonder if Lili and Sydney have problems when a TikTok video went viral of their awkward interaction on a red carpet.

In the clip, which began to circulate on September 3, Lili posed on the red carpet at the Armani Beauty dinner at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival on September 2 with a group of friends. Sydney was then seen approaching the group and embraced them in a hug. While Lili was all smiles as she greeted Sydney, her facial expression immediately changed when the White Lotus star looked away.

The feud rumors escalated when social media users pointed out that Lukas Gage and Michael Evans Behling appeared to be looking at Lili to see her reaction upon Sydney’s arrival.

Several fans took to the comments section to speculate about the moment, with many agreeing that there was “certainly something going on.”

“I need to know the beef right now,” one social media user stated, as another added, “I NEED THE TEAAAAAAAA.”

However, others argued that social media users were reading too much into the moment. “I think it’s safe to say that, that’s just Lily’s resting face,” one fan wrote, while another chimed in, “Seems like she just had a long day and is ready to go home.”

Did Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney Respond to the Feud Rumors?

The stars quickly shut down rumors that they don’t get along when Lili took to her Instagram Stories on September 3 to share a selfie of the duo during a boat ride. “We’ll be over here if you need us,” she captioned the snapshot.

Soon after, Sydney took to her Instagram Stories to reshare the photo.

Lili Reinhart and Sydney Sweeney Pose for Selfie Amid Feud Rumors: Inside Fan Beef Speculation
Courtesy of Lili Reinhart/Instagram

They continued to prove they’re on good terms when they attended the Miu Miu Women’s Tales Committee party together, along with their significant others. Sydney and her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, were photographed holding hands as they walked along a dock. Meanwhile, Lili and her boyfriend, Jack Martin, walked alongside the engaged couple during the double date.

Sydney and Jonathan got engaged in 2022 and have kept their relationship out of the public eye. Meanwhile, Lili and Jack went public with their relationship in July after they first sparked romance rumors in April.