Wedding bells in their future. Are Nick Viall and Natalie Joy married or gearing up to tie the knot? The Bachelor Nation alum and his longtime love might be ready to take the next step in their relationship. Keep reading for details and relationship updates. 

Are Nick Viall and Natalie Joy Married?

Not yet! While the couple went public in January 2021, they’ve yet to tie the knot. However, there might be wedding bells in their future.

“I’m very grateful for the relationship I have with Natalie,” the “Viall Files” podcast host told Us Weekly in August 2022. “[I’m] really excited [about] the direction it’s going and the pace in which it’s going.”

Nick added, “We often talk about, you know, our future together and our relationship and I’m not trying to [rush]. I don’t think either of us [is] trying to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re definitely grateful for the direction it’s going.”

When questioned about their plans to walk down the aisle, the former Bachelor star teased, “Stay tuned.”

Are Nick Viall and Natalie Joy Married?
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Are Nick Viall and Natalie Joy Engaged?

The couple isn’t engaged just yet, but Nick told Entertainment Tonight in August 2022 that he’s “for sure” thinking about getting down on one knee.

“We’ve been together two years and we live together, so obviously those conversations happen and it’s certainly exciting to think about a future with her,” Nick shared. “I think she feels the same about me, which is exciting. I’m just very, very grateful to have the relationship that I have with her.”

He added, “We are doing really well and just trying to keep moving forward, I think. We are obviously really optimistic about our future together and we certainly talk about the future a lot and I guess we’ll just wait and see.”

What Has Natalie Joy Said About Her Future With Nick Viall?

While the surgical technologist doesn’t give interviews about her beau, she shares her love for him on social media.

“This man!!!! You are one of the best ones and anyone who’s met you knows it too. I am so lucky to not only share this life with you but to love you, and to be loved by you,” Natalie captioned an Instagram post from September 2021. “You flipped my whole world upside down and given every dream and goal a new meaning and purpose. Your sense of humor, honesty, generosity, talent, creativity, drive, heart and passion just blows my mind. Cherishing your existence forever!! You tear every single fairytale to shreds.”