Wait a minute … are Olivia Ponton and Kaila Novak back together? The model and the college athlete, who goes by Kai, called it quits in September 2021, but fans on TikTok are convinced the former flames are giving things another go. To learn more about where Olivia and Kai stand today, keep reading! 

When did Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak start dating?

The social media duo began seeing each other in January 2021. “I met my girlfriend on TikTok and became thoroughly obsessed with her,” Olivia told Teen Vogue during a June interview. The up-and-coming starlet went on to reveal that she slid into Kai’s DMs first.

“She actually curved me for a week before first answering!” Olivia added.

When they first got together, Olivia had yet to reveal her sexuality to her fans. After officially coming out as bisexual, a lot of people accused her of using her sexuality for “clout.”

“Kaila and I have a very strong bond and we have a lot of trust in each other, so it really didn’t affect us that hard,” Olivia recalled. “But it hurts both of us because we know how much we love each other. We know we have such an [intense] bond, so it really hurt me to see her getting literally attacked over this.”

Are TikTok’s Olivia Ponton and Kaila Novak Back Together? See Why Fans Think So!
Courtesy of Olivia Ponton/Instagram

When did Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak break up?

Fans started noticing a rift between the couple toward the end of summer 2021. While Olivia lives in New York City and Kai attends the University of California, Los Angeles, they often visited each other and posted plenty of loved-up content on TikTok and Instagram.

In September, Kai posted a cryptic TikTok writing, “Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?” Days later, Kai posted another TikTok about going on a “coffee date” in Los Angeles while Olivia was clearly in New York City.

Why do fans think Olivia Ponton and Kai Novak are back together?

In November 2021, Olivia posted a flirty TikTok about her “type” listing the following things: “When they are dominant, but let me be Miss Independent,” “When they are understanding” and “Athletic. D1 babies over here.”

It didn’t take fans long to start pointing out that her description sounded a lot like Kai, namely the part about being a Division 1 athlete. “D1? AS IN KAI!?!?!” one user commented. “Simping over a certain D1 soccer player?” added another.

“So basically Kai?” a third person wrote. “Just @ Kai next time,” echoed a fourth.