Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Welcome baby no. 3
Courtesy of Kristin Burns Photography

He’s here! Ashlee Simpson welcomed baby No. 3 — her second with husband Evan Ross — on Thursday, October 29. “Ziggy Blu Ross,” the 36-year-old gushed on Instagram alongside a photo of her newborn son. “Our sweet boy has arrived! I’m over the moon, we are so blessed.”

Their new bundle of joy already has so many people who love him. On top of his mom and dad, the family also includes big brother Bronx Wentz, who Ashlee welcomed in 2008 with Fall Out Boy musician Pete Wentz, and big sister Jagger Snow Ross, who Ashlee and Evan had in 2015. While Bronx was thrilled to be getting a little brother, Jagger needed a little more convincing.

After announcing their pregnancy with baby No. 3 on April 30, Ashlee and Evan revealed the sex of their little one by cutting into a tie-dye cake on Instagram. As soon as the blue center was visible, Ashlee yelled “It’s a boy!” Little Jagger’s face said it all — she wasn’t happy. The tot jumped into her happy mom’s arms, and fans couldn’t help but ask how she was feeling.

“Awww did Jagger want a sister?” one fan asked. Luckily, it didn’t take long for her to come around to the idea of having another boy in the house. “HAHA Jagger had us laughing,” Ashlee responded. “She thought for sure it was a baby sister but she’s excited now!”

Ashlee’s sister, Jessica Simpson, is also thrilled to see their brood expanding. “I couldn’t be happier for my favorite person on the planet!!!,” the 40-year-old wrote on April 30. “This family of five over here are beyond elated for YOU, Evan, BX and Jagger to expand the beautiful gift of family. Auntie of three!!! This is hands down the most exciting news I could possibly imagine.”

Jessica joined her sister at her beautiful baby shower on September 28, and shared a touching message for the new mom of three in an Instagram photo taken by photographer Kristen Burns. “This lady right here is someone we should all aspire to be … determined, hilarious, artistic, loving, soulful, wise, loyal and a champion of motherhood!!!” she wrote. “I keep telling her that I looked like this 2 months pregnant. When she needs a good laugh I send her pics of my 3rd pregnancy journey!”

Congratulations to the new family of five!