It would be “against” Ashley Olsen and husband Louis Eisner’s “nature” to allow their son, Otto, to grow up in the spotlight, a source exclusively tells Life & Style.

“Both Louis and Ashley come from show business families, so they have a shared history of growing up in the business,” the source says. “I would be shocked if they wanted Otto to get into acting or anything that would make his childhood public.”

On Monday, August 14, Life & Style confirmed that Ashley, 37, and Louis, 35, had welcomed their first child. The former Full House star reportedly kept the news of the birth secret for months, as well as her pregnancy. Neither Ashley nor Louis has commented on their growing family, but reports revealed that their child is a baby boy named Otto. 

After years of being in the spotlight as a child star, Ashley turned to a mostly private life when she and twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen reached adulthood. So, it’s not too surprising that she kept her pregnancy a secret.

Ashley Olsen and Louis Eisner hold hands on the streets of New York
James Devaney/GC Images

“Ashley is an expert on keeping herself hidden from paparazzi and out of the public eye. She has been doing it for years, so it wasn’t as hard to hide her pregnancy as you may think!” the source adds. “Plus, she often wears lots of bulky layers, which helps conceal everything. She has a small circle of loyal longtime friends who helped keep her pregnancy under wraps.”

Ashley and Louis’s December 2022 wedding was also kept a private affair, as was much of their relationship, which began in 2017 after they were friends for several years. The couple did not publicly announce their engagement in 2018, but Ashley was spotted with a ring on her finger in mid-2019. It wasn’t until 2021 when Louis made their relationship Instagram-official. 

Now, Ashley and Louis are “loving being new parents,” the source reveals. 

“They have known each other for years and were excited to start a family. They began as friends and their relationship grew, and ultimately that is why they got married — because they wanted children (it seems she was pregnant at the wedding),” the insider continues. “Ashley comes from a large family and being a mother comes naturally to her. She is very caring and nurturing. She is really looking forward to this chapter of her life and feels more than ready.”