Fans were flabbergasted watching Leo Dottavio on Bachelor in Paradise on Aug. 27. When co-star Kevin Wendt let it slip to Kendall Long that Leo kissed Chelsea Roy after their date, Leo went on a total warpath. He ranted about “snitches” and then screamed at Kevin when he found out who spilled the beans. Not to mention, when he finally talked to Kendall, he called her an “actress” and insinuated that she’s a liar. Still, after watching it back, he clearly found the scene “entertaining,” and now he’s facing some fan backlash for his reaction.

Minutes after the epsiode aired, Leo took to Twitter with a bunch of flame emojis and a gif from Gladiator that showed Russell Crowe yelling “are you not entertained?!” Apparently, fans were not entertained, and they let him know right away.

“We’re not actually. More so grossed out and disturbed,” said one Twitter user. Another agreed, writing, “Are you trying to deflect because you are (rightly) ashamed of yourself or do you genuinely think your behavior is anything less than abhorrent? Neither answer is okay, by the way.” Still, a third chimed in, “I was such a fan. I was so excited to see you on paradise. Shame on you. No one is entertained.”

At first it really seemed like Leo would be the one to steal Kendall away from our beloved Grocery Store Joe. She said she felt immediate chemistry with him on their romance-novel-cover date. She even said in a confessional that she can more realistically see herself dating Leo after Paradise. But then he kissed Chelsea. Kendall admitted that it’s “fine” that he did that, she was more hurt that he hid it and didn’t tell her, especially while everyone else on the island knew. He didn’t seem to grasp her reasoning, and just kept getting more angry. We’ll just have to see what happens, but we can’t imagine anyone giving Leo a rose tonight.