SPOILER ALERT! The cast of The Bachelorette just reunited to film the Men Tell All special, and let’s just say Rachel Lindsay may lose some fans when it airs. A source who attended the taping reveals that Rachel will come off as unfeeling and not very nice, and the contestants did not hold back.

The guys’ true feelings about Rachel come to light.

“A total b—h, that was the consensus,” the insider told Life & Style exclusively. “The audience was not wowed over by Rachel at all.” The men put Rachel in her place several times and thought she was not sincere — especially when it came to her interactions with DeMario Jackson.

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The guys called her a “cold, rude b—h,” according to the source. DeMario hit back as well, referring to Rachel “ratchet.” Fans of the reality dating competition will remember that DeMario was eliminated after it was revealed he had a “girlfriend” right before joining the show.

Rachel also didn’t seem to care when Fred [Johnson] spilled his heart out to her, said she treated him badly on the show, and didn’t think she gave him a fair shot. She just dismissed her childhood friend, and the other men didn’t like seeing that side of her at all. According to the insider, her newfound fame is to blame. “Stardom has definitely gone to Rachel’s head,” adds the source. “She’s changed, not for good. ABC will have to do some major editing if they want her to appear likable.”

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Lee gets called out over his racist tweets.

“The biggest topic of the night was Lee [Garrett] and his racist tweets,” a different source explains. “Iggy [Rodriguez] and Josiah [Graham] had their own disagreement as to why Lee came on the show. Some of his questionable tweets were shared with the audience and Lee was put in the spotlight. He didn’t have an exact defense. He was doing his best to save himself from humiliation. He did admit that he made a mistake and they were inappropriate. He was chalking it up to this being a learning experience. Not everyone was buying it.”

Dean is clearly the favorite to become the next Bachelor.

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“Dean ended up receiving the most applause from the audience,” the second source shares. “It was obvious he was the crowd’s favorite. Many of the girls were fawning over him. He would make a great Bachelor.”

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