They looked like a cozy foursome at January’s Golden Globes, but don’t let that fool you. Insiders exclusively tell Life & Style that while Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are still besties, their wives, Jennifer Lopez and Luciana Barroso, haven’t taken to each other — at all. It could be a matter of timing.

“Matt met Lucy the same year Jennifer and Ben split up the first time,” says the insider, adding that she built an independent relationship with Ben over the next 20 years. For J.Lo, “That grates on her nerves,” says the source. “As if Lucy thinks she’s better than her or something.”

Both Ben, 51, and Matt, 53, have tried to get their wives to meet in the middle. “It never goes well,” says the insider of Jen, 54, and 47-year-old Luciana. Still, the Boston-bred guys aren’t giving up. “Ben and Matt think it would be great if the four of them could jet to Mexico for a weekend,” notes the source. “The guys can’t force them but they’re getting awfully tired of this.”