It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, and while Bachelor Nation favorites Ben Higgins and Becca Kufrin know a thing or two about romance, the duo revealed what their plans are for the lovey-dovey holiday with their respective significant others. “[Becca and I] are going to be together!” Ben, 30, told Life & Style exclusively at the Kendra Scott flagship store in New York City. “We are going to be in Tahoe. The ‘Almost Famous’ podcast is taking us up there, and we are going to be in Reno, Nevada, after that. [My girlfriend] Jess [Clarke] and I are just going to have dinner together. I don’t know who else is joining us.”

Ben Higgins Wearing a Suit With Becca Kufrin
Courtesy of Kendra Scott

Unfortunately, Becca, 29, and her fiancé, Garrett Yrigoyen, won’t be going on a double date with the former Bachelor star and his girlfriend since they have other plans. “So, Garrett is from the Reno/Tahoe area, so he has a romantic night surprise for me,” the reality starlet gushed. “I have no idea what we are doing that night, but he is putting something together.”

As for gifts? The brunette beauty spoke about her love for the jewelry brand — 20 percent of all sales from the night benefitted women1one charity, which gives back to women in Africa. “They have their beautiful, timeless dainty pieces, and they have the beautiful big pieces,” she dished. Are you hearing that, Garrett?

Becca — who has been with Garrett, 30, since 2018 — also revealed what their lives look like post-Bachelorette. “We are chill, very low-key,” she explained. “My favorite date nights are just him and I cooking a new recipe in the kitchen together and drinking wine. I am also a huge foodie, so we try to go explore new restaurants because we are fairly new to where we are living. We are not getting private helicopters, people! Maybe once a month, no, just kidding.”

Becca Kufrin Kissing Garrett With Their Dog
Courtesy of Becca Kufrin/Instagram

Even though Becca and Garrett moved in to an apartment in San Diego about a year ago, it seems like it was an easy adjustment. “He is not only the best partner and fiancé, but he is the best roommate. He is clean, very organized, he is good at assisting me,” she raved. “I love it. I call him my best adventure buddy partner because he makes everything so fun.”

Meanwhile, the Indiana native has been dating his girlfriend for about a year, and it seems like things will get a bit more serious after he winds down from the The Bachelor Live on Stage tour. Ben admitted he is “hoping” to move in together after the show wraps. “I imagine we will be moving near each other, at least,” he said. “We just figured this out — she lives in an apartment in Nashville, and I live in a house in Denver — we have only watched two movies together ever in our relationship. I don’t want any more of that. I want to be with her on a couch.”

Ben Higgins Wearing a Gray Outfit With Jess Clarke
Courtesy of Ben Higgins/Instagram

It sounds like Ben and Becca will be with their loved ones on February 14, and that’s all that matters!