After Bachelorette winner Garrett Yrigoyen was slammed by Bachelor Nation for “liking” racist and sexist posts on Instagram, he issued an apology. But according to celebrity reputation expert Eric Schiffer, Garrett’s plea — and Becca Kufrin‘s questionable response to it — might ultimately harm her reputation more than his.

Garrett addressed the controversy on last night’s After the Final Rose, but Schiffer believes he only dug his hole deeper. “Given the political, emotionally charged atmosphere, Garret’s apology on After The Final Rose will have fans thinking he is a total laughingstock. Garret’s grotesque and racist social media will forever haunt him, and continue to do devastating damage to Rebecca’s brand.”

When asked about Garrett’s controversial social media behavior, Becca previously told The Hollywood Reporter, “All I can ask is that people watch the season and get to know not only me for who I am, but get to know these guys as well.” She continued, “I think that everyone is different. I came into this knowing I was going to meet a handful of men who came from different backgrounds and different walks of life, and I wanted to just be open to everyone, and I hope that viewers can do the exact same thing.”

becca kufrin and garrett

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But Becca’s cry for viewers to keep an open mind might make her “America’s most repulsive Bachelorette in the history of the franchise,” according to Schiffer. “Becca lit the torch of war with liberal feminists, backers of Parkland survivor David Hogg, undocumented immigrants, and the LGBTQ community for not immediately condemning Garrett’s unhinged social activity. There are many in those camps that look at Becca, in essence, supporting the same political issues that caused Garrett to face a digital and press thrashing.”

And sure, Becca didn’t praise her new fiancé’s actions, but she didn’t express her disapproval either. “How do you participate in the Women’s March like Becca did and then not speak out over Garrett’s activity? How do you ignore Instagram ‘like’-enabled roaring missiles of support for the opposite issues that she from her past history ‘believes’?” Schiffer asked. “Becca is going to pay a devastating political price with fans for her long silence and horrifying failure to denounce Garrett. It will haunt her and her reputation for years.”

Overall, Schiffer believes Becca needs to apologize for “not immediately calling out Garrett’s actions” and “reveal she was wrong for not doing so at the time” to protect her reputation. We’ll have to see if she speaks out before it’s too late. 

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