Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist didn’t divulge the details of their separation, but former Bachelor Ben Higgins shared a “rumor” about the pair’s reason for divorce.

“This is a rumor. I want to be clear that as I preface this, this is a rumor of a generalization of a conversation that Gerry and Theresa had, and I think you’re gonna find it interesting,” Ben, 35, said as a precursor on the Monday, May 6, episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast.

Ben explained that Gerry, 72, and Theresa’s three-month marriage was allegedly over when she visited the former Golden Bachelor in Indiana. During their long countryside drive home from the airport, the couple realized that they had differing world views.

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“[Theresa said], ‘Wow, look at all this beautiful untouched land. Think about what could be done if they developed it. Condos, office buildings, apartments. Think about the towns that could congregate in these open fields and think about the people that would be interested in moving here,” Ben said. “And look at that lake. There’s a lake with only cornfields around it. Think about if they build up a resort where people could vacation to.’ And Gerry’s comment back to her, again, a rumor, was, ‘You don’t take land from a farmer.’”

Theresa, 70, and Gerry announced their plans to divorce in April. The reality TV couple tied the knot in a televised wedding in January after meeting on the inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor.

Bachelor Nation alums reacted to the whirlwind marriage, including Bachelorette season 15 star Tyler Cameron, who slammed the pair for putting “a stain on love.”

“Three months?! They make all my relationships seem very long. You know what I mean? Like, golly, I’m a dating expert compared to them,” Tyler, 31, said during an April 16 appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Happy Hour.” “Like, it brought so much joy back to The Bachelor of not this like, people wanting to go on just to be influencers, that like brought like joy and true love – that we thought. And then they just pulled the rug right out from under us.”

A few weeks later, a source exclusively told Life & Style that “Theresa felt like she had to go through with the wedding because the whole world was watching.”

gerry turner, theresa nist
Courtesy of Gerry Turner/Instagram

The source noted that Theresa had ill feelings after Gerry was slammed by his ex-girlfriend before their January nuptials. “But it was too late,” the source explained. “Theresa was already head over heels in love. [She] feels like she was duped.”