If you’re a member of Bachelor Nation, then you already know Dean Unglert isn’t above inciting a little controversy. He knows, though, that when you stir the pot too much, you have to be ready for it to boil over. While chatting exclusively with Life & Style at the Odwalla Zero Sugar Shack, which is open to the public on Wednesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 24, he weighed in on ex Rachel Lindsay‘s public feud with Colton Underwood. Though he’s had his own drama with the former star of The Bachelor, he’s not sure the Bachelorette lead has handled the situation the right way.

Despite the fact that he’d talked to Colton about the drama recently, Dean, 28, admitted  doesn’t know exactly “what the beef is.” But he’s still a little surprised that it happened at all. “Rachel is very opinionated, which is great, but she’s also not afraid to like call people out and talk s–t,” he told Life & Style. “[That’s] fine, but it’s also like, you’re going to get a lot of flack back if you’re giving other people flack. You know what I mean?” When it comes to discussing Colton’s relationship, though, the Bachelor in Paradise alum shared that he expected Rachel, 34, to be a little more sensitive.

“I know [she’s] been critical of his relationship with Cassie [Randolph],” he said. “But it’s so funny to me because everyone’s been critical of Rachel’s relationship with Bryan [Abasolo], and to hear she is kind of being critical of other people, it’s like, well, if you’ve experienced the bad sides of it, why would you put that on other people as well?” As a podcast host — and someone who likes to speak freely — he gets it. “She’s drawing headlines,” he said. “She’s doing well with her podcast. She’s hosting a lot of other shows as well, so she’s killing it.” But on a personal level, it seems a little unfair.

Still, if they want to continue airing out their drama on an episode of Bachelor Happy Hour — as Colton promised he’d do if Rachel airs the “raw, unedited and untouched” audio — Dean is all about that. “I would listen to [that] podcast for sure,” he said.