We've seen a lot of raw moments during hometown dates on The Bachelorette over the years, but Blake Horstmann's visit with Becca Kufrin was one fans will never forget. He took Becca to his old high school, where he revealed that he experienced a shooting as a teen.

The date started off on a high. Blake took Becca to Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado, where she was greeted with an auditorium of screaming fans and a private concert from none other than Betty Who. But the visit quickly turned serious when Blake revealed that he had been involved in a very scary school shooting here more than a decade earlier.

The Platte Caynon shooting happened in 2006, when blake was 16 years old. Though the situation may not be as well-known as Sandy Hook or Parkland, it was particularly horrific. A 53-year-old man named Duane Roger Morrison took seven teenage girls hostage and sexually assaulted them at gunpoint after comandeering a classroom and making the teacher take all of the boys and some of the girls out.

Blake and the other students in the school were on lockdown for a long time, and then evacuated while police tried to negotiate. Police eventually tried to bust into the room using explosives. When they got in, Morrison opened fire, killing one of the girls, and then himself.

"For her to really be here today and really see first hand the experience I went through, I think she'll really be able to understand why I am the way I am," said Blake before recounting his harrowing experience on the show.

Fans were blown away by the honest and difficult story, taking to Twitter to support him. Many couldn't ignore the fact that his fellow contestant Garrett had mocked the Parkland School Shooting survivors by liking a post that insinuated they were just child actors. Perhaps spending time with Blake and hearing his story will help inform some people with that mindset.

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