Fans should tread lightly when they realize that Breaking Bad premiered 15 years ago in January 2008, and the cast has changed quite a lot over the years since then! Series stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have moved onto other film projects and even their own business endeavor together. However, they never failed to pay homage to their Emmy Award-winning series, such as in their February 2023 Super Bowl LVII commercial. Keep reading to learn how the cast of Breaking Bad from then and now! 

Where Is the ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast Now? 

After the series wrapped in September 2013, the cast went on to appear in countless film and television projects. The leading man behind Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg, landed his role in Broadway’s All the Way and received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal in the movie Trumbo. Aaron, who portrayed Jesse Pinkman, reprised his role in Netflix’s El Camino and starred in HBO’s Westworld

Both stars also founded and continue to manage their own tequila company, Dos Hombres. 

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Supporting cast members also found major success in their careers following the hit AMC series. Anna Gunn, who portrayed Walter’s wife, Skylar White, appeared in the star-studded cast of Sully, while Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gustavo Fring, landed a leading role in Netflix’s miniseries Kaleidoscope

Bob Odenkirk, of course, didn’t shy away from the spotlight of TV, as the former Saturday Night Live writer was cast in the highly acclaimed Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Caul Saul, which ran from 2015 to 2022. 

RJ Mitte is famous for his heartfelt portrayal of Walter and Skylar’s son, Walter Jr., and later appeared in several productions and TV roles, such as in ABC Family’s series Switched at Birth

As for Jesse Plemons, who played Todd, the actor has starred as various characters in films such as Jungle Cruise, Judas and the Black Messiah and Power of the Dog

Dean Norris became a fan-favorite for his performance as Drug Enforcement Administration detective, Hank Schrader. After the series ended in 2013, he went on to appear in CBS’ Under the Dome for several seasons. 

Where to Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Now

Although the days of cable television have dissipated, new and original fans can stream all five seasons of the show on Netflix. 

Better Caul Saul and the Breaking Bad-based movie El Camino are also available on the platform. 

What Is the ‘Breaking Bad’ Super Bowl Commercial? 

Fans jumped out of their seats when they found out that Bryan, Aaron and actor Raymond Cruz, who portrayed drug investor Tuco, filmed a hilarious PopCorners commercial for the February 2023 Super Bowl LVII. The ad was written and directed by the famous series creator, Vince Gilligan

Where Is the Original ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast Today? See the Actors Then and Now, New Career Details, More

The clip begins with Jesse munching a blue bag of PopCorners, paying tribute to the crystal blue drug the characters cooked up in Breaking Bad. The scene was a nod to one of Aaron and Bryan’s first moments together in season 1, which took place in an old RV where their characters created their first batch of crystal meth. 

They then talk to Tuco in a scene that is familiar to one in which Jesse and Walter sell him meth. However, in the commercial, they hand Tuco the blue bag of PopCorners in the middle of a desert.