Talk about swag! Rapper Cardi B took to Instagram to share the sweetest new video of her daughter, Kulture Kiari, riding in the baddest pink baby Jeep you’ve ever seen. Considering the 1-year-old’s mama is one of the most legendary female rappers in the game, we’re not surprised she looked this fly in the ride.

“On my way to withdraw money out my mommy’s bank account,” the 26-year-old captioned the video of her daughter, riding along and wearing a cute pink bucket hat. “My auntie Henny bought me this car,” she added, referring to her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones who felt the baby’s sheer magnificence. Several of Cardi’s celeb friends and followers chimed in on the cute post to share their feelings about the total #SummerMood little Kulture was giving off in the vid.

“It’s really a hot baby summer 😍🔥,” Bad Girls Club alum Tanisha Thomas wrote on the sweet clip, while fellow rapper Remy Ma chimed in with, “The side leannnnn tho 😂.” Seriously!

“And it drives itself. I need to step my game up 😆😫,” wrote sketch artist Laurence Cheatham. That one we definitely agree with. Someone hook us up with a Tesla, please.

Mama Cardi is all about showing off her baby on the ‘gram — and trust us when we say we really appreciate being kept up to date on all her milestone moments. On July 15, the “I Like It” singer shared an adorable video of her little girl climbing stairs. She’s growing up fast, y’all.

The Bronx native even shared a photo of the midnight she had for Kulture to celebrate her first birthday on July 10. “A little quick 12 o’ clock turn up 😩😩😩 my baaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee … OK goodbye,” she captioned the pic of the baby feeding her mama cake while sitting on a kitchen counter.

Keep the cute content comin’, Cardi!