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Living the Fantasy Life! Chanel West Coast Loves Flaunting Her Epic Bikini Body: Photos

No one rocks a bikini like Chanel West Coast does! The MTV star is a total jetsetter and loves showing off her high-fashion bathing suits while spending time on the beach, and some yachts.

When it comes to her perfect bikini body, Chanel has confirmed that she’s au natural. Despite the rumors, she’s clapped back against critics saying she’s had plastic surgery.

“Every curve on me is from Taco Bell and ice cream,” the Ridiculousness host told In Touch in November 2021.

“I saw this thing online about like all my different plastic surgery,” she continued. “I’ve never had plastic surgery. I’ve got like a little bit of Botox in my forehead and a little filler in my cheekbones. That’s the extent.”

However, undergoing the knife isn’t something she’s opposed to.

“I think that if it’s going to make somebody feel more confident in their skin, then I’m all for it,” Chanel shared. But for now, she “just got better at my makeup.”

When it comes to posting bikini pics on social media, Chanel keeps her comments section limited but that doesn’t mean she lets the haters get to her. In a separate interview with In Touch from March 2020, she explained that she’s “fueled” by online hate.

“So, it’s like you think you’re doing a disservice to this person. You think you’re hurting their feelings, but there’s a reason why this person is in the position for you to be leaving a comment on their page,” Chanel explained, adding that some of her ongoing success is because of the internet trolls. “It’s because they were the type of person that every time somebody did exactly what you’re doing, they progressed even more and worked harder.

She added, “That’s how I’ve been my whole life. I mean, since I was young, like when I first started telling kids in high school I’m going to be a rapper. You know how many of my friends laughed at me? Not sure why, I was on a hip hop dance team, orchestra, drill team, cheerleading. It’s like, it wasn’t so uncommon for me.”

She never let the haters get her down and is continuing to kill it! Scroll through our gallery to see Chanel’s best bikini moments over the years.