Oh, the things people do for the perfect Instagram photo! Enter: Chanel West Coast’s latest post. “I didn’t breathe for a whole minute just so my stomach would look flat in this pic,” the longtime reality TV star, 30, captioned a sizzling bikini snapshot of herself on Tuesday, August 6. So, please like it because I almost died trying to take it.”

To be fair, it’s likely that Chanel was kidding or, at the most, exaggerating, but still … can you imagine taking a picture for social media as the last thing you do on this Earth? *Shudders at the thought.* Anyway, let’s move on from the morbid conversation and focus on how amazing Chanel looks, shall we? 

Sucking in her stomach or not, the Ridiculousness fan-favorite definitely caused a stir on the ‘gram. So much so, that plenty of her followers left words of praise. “Chanel, you are stunning regardless! Anyone who says you have flaws is hating. You own it,” one user gushed. “Girl, let it out! We love all those curves,” added another. 

A third user chimed in with, “Oh, sweetie, you look good no matter what!” while a fourth wrote, “Looking so hot! Love your body and you should love it, too!” In addition to fawning over Chanel’s figure, a lot of fans also appreciated her honesty about holding her breath. After all, in a world of Facetune and Photoshop, not many influencers admit to their tricks and tips for taking the “best” photo.

“I love how you always keep it real,” one person commented. “You’re the same girl in real life as you are on the show! Love that,” echoed another. In conclusion: The people love what you’re doing, Chanel! Keep it up.

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