Cher continues to try to turn back time with plastic surgery in a bid to impress boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, who is 40 years her junior, but sources exclusively tell Life & Style she’s paying a steep price by living with relentless pain.

“She’s had so many nips and tucks it’s got people fearing her face will cave in,” says an insider. “After the procedures, she’s wrapped in bandages and in pain. Her face throbs for days, sometimes weeks, at a time.”

Adds the source, “Pals are begging her to quit before she becomes a poster child for obsessive plastic surgery.”

The Grammy Award winner, 78, has been dating the music executive, 38, since late 2022. Sources say the age gap is pressuring her to stay youthful-looking.

“Cher has the best surgeons money can buy, but even the best of them won’t be able to keep on stretching and lasering forever,” warns the insider.

The star has previously confessed to getting a nose job, a boob job and a facelift, but sources say she’s likely had more work than she’s willing to admit. While an insider insists the “Dark Lady” singer hasn’t gone under recently, top plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik says it appears Cher may be using Botox and various surgical interventions to fight off signs of aging.

“With her hair down, my guess is she is concealing facelift incisions,” says Placik, who has not treated Cher. “Her upper eyelids definitely appear to have been operated on, but I also suspect her lower ones have been done as well.”