Let’s face it, by the time Christmas Day actually arrives, you’re spent … in every sense of the word. Not only have you likely put yourself in credit card debt from too much shopping, but you’re also tired from all of the running around! With that, we’ve decided our gift to you will be the perfect Instagram captions for the holidays. 

After all, between unwrapping presents and drinking wine (ahem, a glass in each hand), this day is supposed to be all about joy and relaxation, not worrying about sounding clever on social media! So, if you’re interested in getting ~all the likes~ come Friday, December 25, without having to do any of the work, keep reading!

“Ho, ho, hoping to digest this meal by New Year’s.”

Because Christmas is just as much about the food as Thanksgiving … and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

“I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas (Sauvignon blanc, specifically).”

Feel free to swap out Sauvignon blanc for your favorite selection of white wine. Although, Sauvignon blanc is the best. Just saying.

“Being on Santa’s Nice List is overrated.”

Or so we hear.

“My Christmas tree and I have a lot in common: We’re both lit.”

Who doesn’t love a good play on words?

“The older I get, the more I understand The Grinch.”

He wasn’t a villain, he was just misunderstood!

“‘Tis the season to dodge questions about your love life.”

Single for the holidays with a nosy family? We’re thinking of you during this time.

“Single and ready to jingle.”

Another option if you’re on the hunt for someone new!

“How much eggnog is *too* much eggnog?”

The limit does not exist.

“Are butter cookies a carb?”

You can never go wrong with a Mean Girls reference.

“Keep calm and always include a gift receipt.”

Maybe you’re not the best at giving gifts, after all.

“There has been nothing silent about this night.”

Sure, Silent Night is a pretty song, but it’s not exactly fitting for Christmastime — a.k.a. your aunts and uncles talking at the highest volume possible.

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