Many celebrities have spoken about taking Ozempic and the side effects while on the weight loss drug, but what happens after they stop taking the medication? Enter Girl With No Job creator Claudia Oshry, who recently got candid about her extreme hunger since she stopped taking Ozempic in November 2023.

“I’m so hungry all the motherf–king time,” the influencer, 29, said in a TikTok video on Tuesday, March 5. “I’m always looking for good treats, ’cause I’m still trying to lose weight, but on my own. And I’m always looking for snacks and things to fill me up.”

Claudia then asked fans for recommendations for healthy snacks that make them feel full.

“I cannot stay full, it’s impossible. I just had a 12-ounce steak. A 12-ounce steak and I’m starving, so I’m eating popcorn. How are we staying full?!” she concluded.

Claudia first admitted that she was taking Ozempic, which is a type 2 diabetes drug often prescribed off-label for weight loss, in August 2023 after nearly a year of rumors that she was on the medication.

“You thought they were going to make a weight loss drug and I wasn’t going to take it?” she said on her podcast, “The Toast.” She added that she was “not ashamed” of taking it for weight loss despite the backlash many people, especially celebrities, receive for doing so.

“When I started, I was a little embarrassed. Like, ‘Oh, my God I have to inject myself with something just to get my fat ass to stop eating,’” the author continued. “Other people can do it without, why can’t I? In the beginning, my decision to not share was rooted a little bit in shame.”

Claudia became emotional as she added, “The reason I’m nervous about sharing [how much I’ve lost] is because I’m ashamed of myself that I got to a place where I had 70 pounds to lose. I could cry, I’m so mad at myself.”

“Now I look back at pictures and see myself through this new lens and it makes me feel sad. I have very mixed emotions,” she said. However, Claudia also noted that taking Ozempic was not going to be a “permanent thing” for her.

Claudia isn’t the only celebrity to open up about binge eating after going off Ozempic. In 2020, fellow TikToker Remi Bader, who was an insulin-resistant prediabetic patient, revealed she ​​”got into the bad bingeing” when she stopped taking the medication.

“It was making me think I wasn’t hungry for so long I lost some weight. I didn’t want to be obsessed with being on it long term. I was like, ‘I bet the second I got off I’m going to get starving again.’ I did, and my bingeing got so much worse. So, then I kind of blamed Ozempic,” she said on Amanda Hirsch’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, adding that she “gained double the weight back.”