Fans were shocked when a tweet from Cara Delevingne‘s account that said she and girlfriend Ashley Benson “broke up” during the early morning hours of December 10. However, the mysterious post was deleted just 20 minutes later and it appears that the model may have been hacked. The couple has been together for a year and a half, and they were recently flirting it up on Instagram on December 5.

The 27-year-old hasn’t confirmed or denied the tweet, but another weird post showed up on her account shortly after that read, “GIVING AWAY 1000 IPHONE 11 Pro’s and much more since I love you so much.” Yes, celebs do giveaways all the time on social media, but that’s not usually in Cara’s normal social media behavior.

Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson Walk Outside Together

After the second tweet, fans also believed the Suicide Squad actress’ account was invaded. “Sad when people have to invade other people’s privacy. Hopefully, Cara finds a way to get her account back,” one person responded to the now-deleted tweet. “I’m laughing this ain’t Cara,” someone else quipped. “Remember she has been hacked, do not believe anything she tweets until she gets their account back!!!!” another user added.

Cara and Ashely still appear to be together, despite the jarring tweet. After of the 2018 movie Her Smell, the ladies seem inseparable. Surprisingly, the love bug bit them when they least expected it. “We weren’t looking for it,” Cara admitted to in August. “It was really just very authentic and natural.”

That’s not to say that they didn’t have to find their groove first. The model gushed over their strong bond during an interview with  on September 13. “I’d never truly let anyone in before, for fear of them leaving. I never really trusted people or felt worthy of it, and I always pushed them away,” Cara confessed. “She’s the first person that has said: ‘You . I’m going to be nice to you, I love you.’ I’m just like, ‘Wait, so all I have to do is just let you be nice to me? Why have I never done that before?’”

Hopefully, things get straightened out with Cara’s Twitter sooner than later!