Sadly, not every American Idol audition is aired on TV. Caroline Kraddick auditioned for the reality singing competition show, but fans at home didn’t get to see her journey because she wasn’t given a feature on the show. This left fans questioning if the daughter of the late radio personality Kidd Kraddick ever made it on American Idol.

Thankfully, Caroline shared a blog post titled I’m Going to Hollywood! to tell fans the story of her audition. “I walked into the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas, I could hear Neil Diamond playing over the intercom. I was named after the song ‘Sweet Caroline,’ and I hear it all the time. But this time was different,” she explained. “This time, I could feel my dad saying, ‘You got this pumpkin head!’ which is what he would have told me if he’d been there. Afterward, I felt good about my audition but didn’t really think anything would come of it.”

But, as it turns out she was very wrong. “One of the reasons I was hoping to get a feature is because I don’t exactly remember all of the details about the audition,” she admitted. “It’s almost like I blacked out. I know what songs I sang and I know the judges were really nice, but honest. I also know it wasn’t easy. In addition to singing, I had to answer a lot of questions. Why did a 27 year old, running a successful charity, want to start a music career? What kind of an artist was I? Who was I? Some of the questions I had answers for and some I didn’t. I definitely had my work cut out for me.”

She even revealed how she felt that her father had a hand in the entire experience. “For those who don’t know, the day my dad died, I was in NYC to audition for The Voice but I never made it to the audition,” she continued. “So, the fact that by complete happenstance I was sent back to NYC for my real chance at performing, is not lost on me. Why didn’t they ask me to audition in New Orleans or Nashville which are much closer to Dallas? And why, during the previous 15 seasons of American Idol*, did I never consider auditioning? Honestly, I never thought I would make it. And then this whole thing fell into my lap, at the perfect time.”

Judging from her social media, Caroline already has a ton of people rooting for her. “I love this!! Caroline you have my support! Can’t wait to watch you kill it! You’re super talented!!” one person tweeted. Another added, “Looking forward to seeing @CarolineKraddic on American Idol.” But, what’s next for her now that she wowed the judges?

“There are some really exciting things coming up (which again, I can’t share… yet) but I’m hoping you’ll continue this journey with me,” she coyly wrote. “I can’t wait to share more about this entire experience, but in the meantime… I’M GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!”