Then and now! Larsa Pippen has changed quite a bit after being in the public eye for decades and has been open about the plastic surgery procedures she’s undergone. Besides her former high-profile relationship with basketball legend Scottie Pippen, she’s made a name for herself as a reality star and entrepreneur and has also received a lot of attention for her former friendship with Kim Kardashian.

Did Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery?

Larsa’s curvy figure, full lips and ageless beauty have sparked plastic surgery speculation for years. The Real Housewives of Miami star has been very candid about procedures she’s undergone.

“I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my lips done. And that’s basically it,” Larsa explained during the Real Housewived of Miami reunion in March 2022, adding that she also had her breasts done prior to season 3 of the series.

There’s no shame in her game. Larsa said she’s “very progressive” when it comes to going under the knife. “I’m into trends and I feel like whatever makes me feel good and look good, I’m willing to do. I’m that person,” she continued. “I’m very happy with the way I look.”

Did Larsa Pippen Get a BBL?

When it comes to her curves, Larsa slammed speculation that she’s had a butt lift or enhancement.

Did ‘RHOM’ Star Larsa Pippen Get Plastic Surgery? Quotes

“I literally work out seven days a week,” the Chicago native told host Andy Cohen. “If I show you my photos from five years ago, I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so yeah, my legs look thicker than they were, my arms look thicker than they were. My whole body has changed … My body’s tight because I work out.”

The former basketball wife has also talked publicly about using UltraShape, a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound waves to target and destroy fat cells, with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Horn in Chicago.

“UltraShape gives me more confidence,” Larsa wrote in a 2018 blog post about the procedure. “I eat well and exercise regularly, but there are certain areas that are resistant to all my efforts. With UltraShape, the inches are disappearing.”

All in all, the Chicago native wants to feel good in her own skin. “Confidence is sexy on both men and women. Love your curves, stretch marks and smile lines,” the mother-of-four wrote on her blog at the time. “Love yourself and treat yourself like the desirable woman you are.”