Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi ​claimed she once had sex with Michael B. Jordan in season 7 of the Netflix series, which premiered on November 3, 2023. The realtor shocked her costars and coworkers when she revealed her sexy romp with the movie star.

Bre Tiesi Says She Had Sex With Michael B. Jordan on ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7

In the latest season of Selling Sunset, the Oppenheim Group ladies enjoyed a dinner out in Los Angeles as they chatted about their personal lives. The topic of love lives inevitably came up and Chrishell Staus asked the group, “Who would you sleep with celebrity-wise? Who would you pick?”

Amanza Smith quickly piped up and said, “Michael B. Jordan.”

Laughing, Bre cut her off and said, “I could do that, and I’ve done that.”

The group was surprised at her admission and costar Emma Hernan exclaimed, “Oh! You have?! Oh, my God! I wanna live through that vagina right now!”

Bre replied, “I’ve slept with all of my favorites. Just kidding.”

How Did Bre Tiesi Describe Michael B. Jordan’s Sex Skills?

During the season 7 reunion, Bre took a polygraph test administered by host Tan France who asked, “Is Michael B. Jordan good in bed?” She blushed and replied, “I’m going to be in so much trouble,” revealing, “No.”

When the test results confirmed Bre was telling the truth as her costars looked on in shock, she told the actor, “I’m sorry, babe,” adding, “S–t! Crushed a lot of girls’ dreams today.”

Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon both wearing black.
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Who Has Bre ​Tiesi Dated?

The Netflix series, which follows a group of realtors selling to the rich and famous in California, brought Bre onto the show during season 6. She landed in the spotlight when details of her relationship with Nick Cannon made it through the Oppenheimer Group’s rumor mill. Bre and Nick share a son named Legendary.

Before Nick, Bre was married to NFL player Johnny Manziel. The two tied the knot in March 2018, and during their marriage she appeared on E!’s reality TV series, WAGS. However, the couple called it quits in 2019, and Bre moved on with Nick. Bre and Johnny’s divorce was finalized in 2021.

What Was the Drama Surrounding Bre in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 6?

Some of Bre’s costars disapproved of her situation with Nick despite him being the father of her child. Chelsea Lazkani was particularly bothered by the couple’s arrangement and made several remarks expressing her concerns.

“I find that Nick Cannon and Bre’s relationship rather off-putting. I just think we’re fundamentally so different, you know, and ultimately, the way I live my life is very different to her as a Christian, so I don’t know if we will ever be super, super close friends,” Chelsea said during an episode.

Bre and Chelsea continually found themselves butting heads throughout the season, but Bre continues to defend her relationship with her son’s father.

During the same dinner with mention of the Selling Sunset star’s tryst with Michael, she said, “I love Nick. I’m happy with my relationship, however that is, and like, if I date, I date.”

Selling Sunset season 7 is currently streaming on Netflix.